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Meet The Origins


The Beginning

In a long forgotten time dimension, there existed a planet called Aerth. Its earliest lifeforms consisted of small and medium primitive creatures like molluscs and rodents. Larger creatures like the Beasts, were mainly from the Northern side. Beasts were quite ghastly-looking but more despised because of their offensive behaviour. Plants thrived in most of Aerth except for the areas close to Arid Mountain.

For awhile, Aerth spun quietly on its axis until one day…. it stopped! This brought about catastrophic consequences as the sun continued to shine harsh rays which dried out the plants and water sources. Medium to larger animals started to move to spots which still had water. However this was not helpful either as the places not facing the sun, they were constantly in darkness. Thus, nothing edible could grow.


In this dire state, emerged a group of 25 pint-sized colourful creatures. They all wore a set of wings, decorated with gold trimmings on its upper reaches. Each had a golden halo above their heads. They uncovered the reason behind Aerth’s stopping and managed to get it to continue its rotation. All was good again! But who are these 25?

They are DeRareMe. Each carries certain power and works behind the scenes to maintain the balance of Aerth. These original 25 are known as “The Origins” and have a distinct halo above their heads. Their initial descendants inherit the power of the respective ancestor, but it is not fully developed yet. They are still learning how to use their special skills.


After hundreds of thousands years later, they will become full-fledged descendants. This is characterized by them having wings and fully-developed ears. They are then called as “The Guardians”, and can exercise more control of their given power. The latter, if they survive the next million of years will have experienced many life journeys. They are able to access to the highest level of their power. Recognized by their glowing wings, we refer them as “The Royal Guardians”.

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Phase 1

DeRareMe official LAUNCH!

Phase 2

What is DeRareMe? ANIMATION Series Season 1 initiates.

Phase 2 (a)

EVENT & FUTURE DROP to be announced at Discord & Twitter.

Phase 3

TRAILER(s) release.

Phase 3 (a)

Environmental AWARENESS campaign.

Phase 4

DeRareMe Season 1 goes LIVE.

Phase 5

Roadmap 2.0

Are we charity organisation? NO! We are here to create edutainment with community support.
Yet, a small gesture to specific environmental NGO according to our seasonal theme is simply the right thing to do.

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